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Milk chocolate Handmade 100%natural Moscovitas
  • Milk chocolate Handmade 100%natural Moscovitas

     milk chocolate Moscovitas.


    Several legends surround the most famous chocolate-covered almond biscuits in Oviedo (Asturias). The only thing is proven: that its unique taste and texture continues to fascinate after several generations.

    They were born in the Rialto workshop, a confectionery located in the centre of Oviedo, by the cathedral. The company that invented them almost half a century ago still makes them. Francisco Gayoso is the current head of this family business, which is now in its fourth generation. His great-grandfather started it in Luarca, a town in western Asturias, in 1926. The secret?


    'The best chocolate coating and first quality Marcona almonds from the Mediterranean' is a product without preservatives or artificial stabilizers, 100% Natural.

    Nowadays, 27 pastry chefs hand made them one by one following the original recipe.



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